At its base, Questlog follows the no cure = no pay model.
It is completely free to set up a company page and bringing the first Quest live.

We only ask a commission on customers who actually came from us.
This commission starts at € 0,45 per customer per day who completed one or more Quests.
So, you do not pay twice if a customer completes multiple Quests on the same day.

Unlock more options

Each new account automatically starts at Tier 1.
Upgrade to a higher tier for more options and insights within Questlog.
And pay less commission!

Create more individual Quests

Each additional Quest brings a host of benefits.
On top of that, any extra Quest gives +100 commission-free Completions.

SCAN-Quest Single
€ 35 per month or € 385 per year
SCAN-Quest Multi
€ 40 per month or € 440 per year
Cluster Quest
€ 40 per month or € 440 per year

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